We are no longer selling promotional space within this centre.

Positive Media

You can take advantage of our poster sites in the toilets

These A3 posters are in fixed frames in prime positions within the washrooms - on the backs of cubicle doors, above urinals and above hand dryers. These locations provide your posters with a unique advantage over other media, as prospects spend an average of more than 2 minutes reading your copy. A captive audience with nothing else to read, no page to turn, no other channel to flick to.

As a result you can use much longer copy than with usual posters and include more selling points. Your posters can be completely gender specific and many advertisers have found that humorous copy works really well. Unprompted recall has been shown to be as high as 98%.

Not only are our poster sites extremely well positioned in the washrooms, but our portfolio of Designer Outlets provides a great opportunity to communicate with an increasingly important consumer group. In the current economic conditions, the 'brand conscious - value conscious' target group is becoming more attractive to many brands and advertisers.

You can buy from our range of local, national or gender specific packages. Or if you want us to work with you to develop the best campaign for your needs, call Mr Positive, Simon Grant on 0800 915 4444